Yu Han Sung: He was shot director of your next Floors

Yu Han Sung: He was shot director of your next Floors

Viole seems to look for the girl due to the fact a way to obtain guidance and you will takes the lady words in order to cardio when she admonishes your to possess their conclusion when dealing with Rachel. It must be listed, one even after Baam are reunited along with his nearest and dearest throughout the floor of sample, Hwa Ryun nevertheless just phone calls your Viole.

Historically, it appears to be Baam’s reference to Light features turned into a tiny bearable, due to the fact Baam featured ready to trust your and Light encouraging Baam to utilize the power of the fresh new souls to the your very he could best strive Kallavan

He first suits Baam from the second flooring once the an examination manager, while Baam gets deceived of the Rachel and that’s left alone, he is one which shows Baam together with Ha Jinsung. The guy said that in the event the Baam cannot getting slayer candidate, they will certainly destroy off their family members, beginning with Rachel. The guy shows Baam of several experience related to wave handling, regardless of if Baam does not such as having fun with them.

Nonetheless they meet each other throughout the invisible flooring, but Yu Hansung as the a consistent. They meet one another from inside the fruits of good and you will evil. Yu Hansung preserves Baam and you can Androssi out-of providing slain of the one to of your traps, whether or not Baam detests Yu Hansung plenty, Yu Hansung doesn’t remember that. Yu Hansung support your satisfy Khun Eduan.

In the event the Hell Instruct appear for the last station, Yu Hansung support Baam avoid as a consequence of of numerous rankers and you can higher rankers. Yu Hansung informs Baam he improved.

It’s uncertain no matter if their dating is considered the most legitimate relationship, otherwise out of mere partners from comfort currently

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