There is no proof a decision attracting up a list from books

There is no proof a decision attracting up a list from books

(6) Like, throughout the Gospel out of Matthew you will find 160 implicit quotations and you will allusions; 60 regarding Gospel away from Draw; 192 from the Gospel of Luke; 137 regarding the Gospel from John; 140 in Acts; 72 on Letter towards the Romans, etcetera.

(7) You can find 38 quotations in Matthew; fifteen for the Draw; 15 in the Luke; fourteen when you look at the John; twenty-two when you look at the Acts; 47 when you look at the Romans and the like.

(9) Sufferers know: Scripture (Rm 10:8; cf. ), the father (Ga step three:16; cf. Gn -15; Heb 8:8; cf. 8:8,9), Christ (Heb ten:5).

(10) Subjects conveyed: “Scripture” (Rm nine:17; Ga 4:30); “regulations” (Rm 3:19; 7:7); “Moses” (Mk eight:10; Ac step three:22; Rm ), “David” (Mt ; Air-conditioning dos:25; 4:25; Rm 4:6), “the newest prophet” (Mt 1:22; 2:15), “Isaiah” (Mt step three:3; 4:fourteen, etcetera., Jn step 1:23; ,41; Rm ,20), “Jeremiah” (Mt dos:17), “the brand new Holy Heart” (Ac 1:16; Heb 3:7; ), “ the father” (Heb 8:8,9,10 = Jr ,thirty two, 33).

(23) The foundation and you may expansion of your own canon of your own Jewish Bible is managed below in the We.Elizabeth., no. sixteen.

However, it is not the case

(26) Qal wa-homer is found in Mt six:30; 7:11; Jn seven:23; -36; Rm 5:fifteen,17; 2 Co step 3:7-11; gezerah shawah in Mt 12:1-4; Ac 2:25-28; Rm 4:1-12; Ga step 3:10-fourteen. Read More …