Berliner Chic (Urban Chic): A Locational History of Berlin Fashion Paperback –

Berliner Chic (Urban Chic): A Locational History of Berlin Fashion Paperback –

Since becoming the capital of reunited Germany, Berlin has had a dose of global money and international style added to its already impressive cultural veneer. Once home to emperors and dictators, peddlers and spies, it is now a fashion showplace that attracts the young and hip. Moving beyond descriptions of Berlin’s fashion industry and its ready-to-wear clothing, Berliner Chic charts the turbulent stories of entrepreneurially-savvy manufacturers and cultural workers striving to establish their city as a fashion capital, and being repeatedly interrupted by politics, ideology, and war. There are many stories to tell about Berlin’s fashion industry and Berliner Chic tells them all with considerable expertise.


List of Illustrations, Dedication, Acknowledgements, Introduction: Locating Berliner Chic, Chapter 1: Berliner Chic in Museums, Chapter 2: Berliner Chic and Historiography, Chapter 3: Berliner Chic and Photography, Chapter 4: Berliner Chic on the Silver Screen, Chapter 5: Berlin Calling: Sex and Drugs and Punk and Techno, Chapter 6: Becoming Berlin: The Flux of Corporate Luxe, Chapter 7: Conclusion – Where Fashion Lives Today, Battleground Berlin, References,

“The very project of modernity is born out of the desire for a world without surprises, a safe world, a world without fear.”

“The museal gaze thus may be said to revoke the Weberian disenchantment of the world in modernity and to reclaim a sense of non-synchronicity and the past.”

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Museums have been much maligned. Since their revolutionary beginnings in late eighteenth-century Paris, they have been accused of rendering objects inauthentic and crepuscular, of disciplining or interpellating class-based (but not class-conscious) national subjects, of showcasing the trophies of imperial war and conquest, and, more recently, of succumbing to the seductive forces of the market. Read More …