#7: Very long time, No Pick = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

#7: Very long time, No Pick = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

  • Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ????????????? (way more authoritative)
  • Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?????????? (formal)
  • Dozo yoroshiku ??????? (faster authoritative)
  • Yoroshiku ???? (casual)


Dozo try obvious doh-zoh. Make sure to offer the first “oh” sound a little while (you can observe this has new line a lot more than it to point this).

Yoroshiku is additionally obvious quite just: yoh-roh-shee-koo. Remember that the new “r” voice for the Japanese is really unlike the English “roentgen.” It is a lot more like a combination ranging from an “roentgen,” “l,” and you may “d” (exactly like exactly how Americans pronounce the fresh “d” sound into the “ladder” or the “t” voice within the “better”).


  • That is a spin-so you’re able to terminology getting Japanese somebody, as it fits many kinds from items. It is a polite (and you may questioned) means to fix thank somebody in advance and also to target some one you keeps simply satisfied (“Sweet to satisfy you”).
  • It is well-known to state this statement wat is bookofsex if you find yourself bowing (formal) otherwise giving a mind nod and you may a grin (shorter specialized), particularly when appointment people for the first time.

The anticipate ohisashiburi desu ??????? is the best translated because “Number of years, zero discover!” It can be interpreted since the “It has been a while.” This is actually the phrase make use of once you haven’t seen individuals during the extended; you can’t make use of it when conference anybody the very first time.

Discover different methods to say that it terminology with regards to the quantity of foregone conclusion you want to play with. Ohisashiburi desu is the certified variation. Yet not, you can reduce so it in order to hisashiburi ???? whether your state was casual (age.grams., you may be talking-to a pal or friend).


Ohisashiburi desu is noticable oh-hee-sah-shee-boo-ree-dess. Note that the last “u” inside the desu is very smooth-so much in fact that you could fundamentally shed they altogether. Read More …